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Corrective Makeup and How to Apply It

Touch-up Sticks conceal flaws and protect the skin with SPF8. A lightweight, smooth formula gives the ultimate in coverage. The Touch-up Stick is perfect for hiding imperfections. Available in nude, buff, beige and sand. Non-comedogenic. Water-resistant. Fragrance free.
Sweep Sponge Mop or Camouflage Oval Brush across Touch-up Stick to blend.
For even coverage, use the Sponge Mop. For extra coverage in problem areas, use the Camouflage Oval Brush. Excellent for touch-up and travel.

Two unique colors in one compact. Match all skin tones. Concealer creates a natural appearance and is easy to apply. Use Concealer to disguise fine lines, undereye circles, puffs, bruises, scars, burns, blemishes, and other skin discoloration. Concealer may be used in addition to foundation or alone. Fragrance free, non-comedogenic, and water-resistant.
To conceal discoloration, undereye circles, or fine lines:
With Camouflage Oval Brush, apply light Concealer over problem area. Apply enough to thoroughly conceal flaws.
For discoloration and fine lines, apply the darker color over the lighter color, blending to match skin tone.
For undereye circles, begin at outer corner of eye, gently blending the darker into the lighter. Blend toward the center of the eye.
Apply Setting Powder over Concealer to give Concealer staying power.
To conceal puffs:
Using the Camouflage Oval Brush, apply light Concealer under the eye. Apply enough to thoroughly conceal flaws.
Apply dark Concealer over puffy area. Gently blend the darker color into the lighter color.
Using #1 Brush, apply Setting Powder over Concealer to give Concealer staying power.

Formulated to mask difficult discolorations. An amber color is applied as primer for Concealer. Provides excellent coverage after surgery.
To conceal undereye circles and age spots:
To neutralize red areas, blemishes and broken capillaries:
With Camouflage Oval Brush, apply Color Corrector over discoloration. Apply enough to thoroughly conceal flaws.
With Camouflage Oval Brush, apply Concealer over Color Corrector. Using #1 Brush, apply Setting Powder over Concealer.

SETTING POWDER:                                                                                                                               A lightweight powder that covers imperfections and provides a smooth, natural appearance. This matte powder evens skin tones, covers flaws, and is long lasting.
With # 1 Brush, gently apply powder over Concealer.

Formulated to mask discoloration of eyelid. Non-greasy formula.
With Camouflage Oval Brush, apply lid Cover to eyelid. Apply enough coverage to conceal flaws. Using #1 brush, apply Setting Powder over lid Cover.

A specialty brush for flawless application of Concealer, Color Corrector and lid Cover.
Naturally contours the eye and gives a flawless application to Setting Powder.

CONCEALER PENCIL                                                                                                                           Two unique colors in one pencil match all skin tones. Concealer Pencil conceals flaws and is water-resistant and smudge proof. Easy to apply.


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