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Gentle Cleansing Lotion:
Creamy and silky smooth, this cleanser moisturizes as it purifies.
For normal and dry skin.
Balanced Foaming Cleanser:
This gentle, hydrating cleanser lathers as it washes away makeup.
For normal and oily skin.
Botanical Freshener:
Minimizes pores and removes excess impurities. Completes cleansing routine. For normal and oily skin.
Lemon Toner:
Minimizes pores and refreshes skin.
For normal and dry skin.
Aloe Non-Oily Eye Makeup Remover:
Gently removes makeup. Fragrance free.
Balanced Moisturizing Creme:
A rich, nourishing moisturizer.
For normal and dry skin.
Vital Moisture SPF 1 $:
A lightweight moisturizing lotion that provides protection against ultra violet sun rays and the environment.
For normal, oily and dry skin.
Avocado Oil:
Smoothes and repairs dry fine lines. Enriched with vitamin E and avocado oil.
For normal and dry skin.
Satin Moisturizing Creme:
A light, whipped moisturizer that feels like satin. Natural botanical extracts and liposomes work to hydrate and soothe skin. For normal, oily and dry skin.
Day Eye Creme:
lightweight and calming, this eye creme softens the eye area. Non-greasy formula.
Soothing Eye Creme:
Rich and emollient, this eye creme calms and soothes the eye area. Excellent for fine lines.

Specially formulated for face, hands, and body. Contains no dyes, perfumes, lanolin, parabens or formaldehyde.
Retexture Creme:
This rich formula soothes and protects dehydrated skin.
Moisture Light:
A lightweight, hydrating lotian.
Deep Cleansing Gel:
Gentle and effective, this foaming, hydrating cleanser deep cleanses the skin.

Innovative products targeted for special concerns. Natural ingredients.
Chinese Tea Eye Gel:
Contains calming botanical extracts that diminish puffin~s~. Eye Renewal Creme:
Concentrated formula with alpha hydroxy acids. Exfoliates fine lines around the eye area.
RetextureEyes with Undereye Lighteners:
Helps lighten pigmentation under the eyes.
Honey and Almond Scrub:
This mild, granular formula deep cleanses and dissolves impurities.
Hydration Mask:
leaves the skin healthy, hydrated and fresh.
Glycolic Acid for the Face:
This unique exfoliant, eliminates dead skin cells and impurities as it works to improve the skin's elasticity.


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